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Virtual Terrarium Class

Create a healing succulent planter with crystals for yourself or gift

With everything that is going on in this world, getting together with family and friends is both more important and also harder than ever. Luckily with apps such as Zoom, we can still get "together" to visit, laugh and share.

On Sunday January 24th we will be hosting an online class via Zoom along with Hip Chicks Do Wine. Participants will be guided to create terrarium planters with succulent plants and healing crystals. All terrarium materials will be delivered to your door along with a tasting flight of four wines from Hip Chicks Do Wine.

Laura Gifford Kerr - Gifford's Flowers

will answer any questions you have about planting and caring for your new succulent terrarium - and go over the benefits of the crystals used

Laurie Lewis and Renee Neely - Hip Chicks Do Wine

will guide you in tasting and discussing four differently locally made wines. It's like a mini Wine 101 so be sure to bring your questions!

Here are some benefits of growing succulents in your house:

They Can Brighten A Home in Any Climate.

They Can Help to Purify the Air.

They Improve the Humidity of Your Home.

They Can Add Fresh Oxygen to Your Environment.

They Can be Fun and Relaxing to Plant and Take Care of.

Join us on Zoom Sunday January 24th 3pm - 5pm to create unique terrarium planters while drinking wine.

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