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Mailbag: 5 Tips for Flower Care

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We asked our online community for questions and blog topics. Flower tips & tricks was the overwhelming response.

Many people enjoy sending flowers, having them around the home or office, picking fresh flowers out in their favorite flower shop or even cutting them from the garden. But not everyone has the knowledge and know-how to get the most out of flowers. What's the best way to select flowers? How do you present them for maximum impact? How can you make them stay fresher longer? We were excited to be one of several floral industry contributors to a Redfin blog answering many of these questions.

Give their blog a look and continue reading here for some easy to understand tips.

Tip #1 - Visit and talk to a Professional Florist

I know, I know. It sounds self-serving and egotistical but top to bottom this is a real thing. If you're already a "flower pro" you probably don't need this article. But regardless, here's the reasoning. Your professional florist will be happy to:

  • Tell you what's newest in the shop.

  • Tell you what's local and in season.

  • Have access to greater variety of interesting and unique flowers.

  • Cut, clean and process flowers for maximum preservation.

  • Arrange or wrap your flowers in their most pleasing presentation.

Tip #2 - What's Fresh and In Season

Buying what's in season is one of our top tips. This week's selection may not be exactly the same as next week's selection. And naturally what's freshest and local in March isn't going to be the same as what is freshest and local in October.

Flowers in season are more likely to be sourced locally which is great for their freshness. Since they don't require complicated long-distance shipping and they're often obtained directly from the grower, in season flowers also tend to be much less expensive. Several professional florists in the Redfin blog agreed:

“To add cheer to a room or spruce up your decor, keep it simple and fresh by asking your florist for the flowers that are currently in their peak season,” says Laura Gifford Kerr, Owner of Gifford’s Flowers. "Seasonal blooms not only reflect nature’s beauty but also align with the changing seasons, keeping your decor fresh. Choosing flowers that are in season ensures their quality and affordability."
“Pick flowers that are in season, even going with a bunch of the same flower. Keep it simple,” suggests Owner of Emerald Petals, Hilary Holmes. Single-variety blooms gathered in your favorite vase create a timeless and elegant look that suits any decor style.

Tip #3 - Put in the work.

You have to do a little bit of flower maintenance to keep them looking their fresh best. It's crucial even if you take them straight home, before putting the stems into water you need to give the stems a fresh cut so the flowers will drink. Clippers or kitchen scissors will do the trick. Just 1/2"-3/4".

Switching out the water every other day is next. Trust me, I understand you're busy and probably don't need another chore. But try to look at it as preserving an investment. I suggest making it a part of your coming home routine. Set down your things. grab the vase and head to the sink. But you could also do it first thing in the morning, or just before bed too. It probably sounds silly, but I find doing a simple chore like this to be mentally relaxing and emotionally satisfying.

Tip #4 - Misc.

Cutting Flower Stems at an Angle

A few general tips: Cut stems at an angle to increase hydration. Strip off leaves or greens that are in contact with or below the water. Rinse stems, dirt or debris prior to putting them into the water. Switch out the water in the vase once every couple of days. When switching water, re-cut stems and pluck out any dead or wilting flowers. And whenever possible, storing flowers in a cool, dark area away from drafts will extend their life and beauty.

Tip #5 - Don't be afraid to switch it up.

If all else fails or you just want something different, try an elegant chic mix of white flowers with green foliage. A vase full of lilies with bear grass. A bunch of mixed gerberas, or some spray roses in your favorite color just placed loosely in a mason jar. Experiment with placing flowers in a different area of your home to see where they have the most impact. The kitchen island, a foyer table, coffee table, or a bathroom vanity.

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

As florists we're always happy to answer questions and want to make it fun and simple for you to decorate with flowers. Don't let unfamiliarity or uncertainty stand in the way of bringing more beautiful flowers into your life. It's as inexpensive and as easy as you want it to be.

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