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Banksyland: Installation Spotlight

Floral installations are like a big floral construction project, and an important component of event decor. They can be used as a statement piece to set a mood, highlight an architectural feature, compliment cool art or furnishings or just be a WOW!

The Gifford’s Crew recently had the distinction and honor to create installations in collaboration with a touring popup art exhibit. BANKSYLAND is a multimedia art experience containing more than 100 authenticated works and never before seen installations examining cultural impact of the mysterious and culturally significant artist Banksy.

The creators of Banksyland provided a vision. Laura turned their vision into reality designing two prominent floral art installations.

The first piece, mounted on the famous Banksy Flower Thrower: a tornadic bouquet of flowers in a gradient from burgundy to sun gold to periwinkle stretching into the clouds.

The second piece affixed to a wall known as the Banksy Valentine's Day Mural mimics flowers exploding in a burst pattern upon impact with a wall.

“This project was unbelievably fun and exciting to be part of. It was a challenge applying my floral and wedding installation expertise to an art exhibit like this. I was very pleased with the result of being able to shape it into pieces of my design that represented and were inspired by Banksy.” -Laura Gifford Kerr

We highly recommend checking out Banksyland for yourself in Portland through May 8th and touring 21 cities thereafter. It’s a wonderful educational opportunity and unique experience.

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