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Valentine's Day

A look behind the Valentine's Day curtains.

You’ve probably never given a second thought to how we get flowers delivered to your loved ones, let alone how it all comes together for the busiest flower holiday of the year. But before you read any further, click over and make sure to get your order placed to ensure on-time delivery.

At Gifford’s, we have decades of experience perfecting our Valentine’s Day operation. Here are a few of the things we do to make it all come together at just the right time.

Six to seven weeks ahead of time:

  • Create new floral designs and photo shoot

  • Place flower and vase order

  • Schedule and train temporary help

Ten days to three or four days prior:

  • Receive and stock vases

  • Set up temporary refrigeration and storage

  • Begin receiving, processing and hydrating flowers

Orders and deliveries ramp up significantly leading up to February 14th. It is a constant barrage of phone calls, orders, designing, and delivery. All of the preparation is to ensure those several days go as smoothly as possible. During this time we may handle up to 20 times a normal day’s business.

February 9th - 14th

  • Arrive early, start designing, organizing delivery drivers

  • Walkin lunchtime rush, afternoon commute rush

  • Continue to receive and process new, fresh flowers

  • Walk and bike downtown deliveries

  • Deliveries to remote parts of our delivery area

  • Stay late until every order is made and delivered

We handle every order with love and care and stand behind our quality. All of our temporary helpers and drivers have been with us year after year, are well trained, and eager to return and provide the happiest valentines experience.

Here are a few final tips to make sure you have the absolute best Valentine’s day experience:

  • Order early to make sure flowers don’t sell out (It happens!)

  • Order online directly from your local brick and mortar florist.

  • Make absolutely sure you have the correct address and phone number for your delivery

  • Only call if it is truly urgent. It may be impossible to answer or return all calls until after Valentine’s Day.

  • Do not order from a discount site. They simply sell your order to the lowest bidder.

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