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Sustainability at Gifford's Flowers

Every business has some impact on the environment and world that we live in. We have been dedicated to enacting responsible business habits to reduce our impact for some time. Here are a few things we are doing.

  • Less Driving: We have downsized our delivery vehicle. It's smaller and cleaner and using 19% less fuel than before. To minimize miles driven we make use of a local parcel service that combines trips so there is less waste. We have shifted administrative employees to work from home. Two-thirds of our employees carpool to the shop. When possible, we also "carpool" deliveries with employee commutes to or from the shop.

  • Less Consumable Waste: We have eliminated usage of one-time-use packing materials like cardboard boxes, paper bags, plastic wrap and clamshell packaging to "by-request" only. Usage of these items is down by over 90%.

  • Vase Return: We have begun a recent initiative to take back unwanted glass vases from our clients. This has been mutually beneficial as many customers find they have too many vases cluttering their cupboard or garage. Together we're keeping glass out of the waste stream and reducing the high energy impact of glass production and waste hauling.

  • Sourcing Locally: This is nothing new, but we're still proud to obtain a large percentage of our fresh flowers, greens and plants from local farms, growers and foragers supporting families in our community.

  • Printing and Mailing: We've reduced paper and toner use by 60% by switching to paperless billing, except as requested and printing two-sided for all internal use printing.

We're always open to feedback, ideas or suggestions about how to do better. Drop us a line through the contact form and let us know what you think.

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