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Peony Perfection

Peonies are a fun flower, grown across much of the western US, Europe and Asia. If you are as fond of peonies as we are, keep your eyes peeled. They will be gone before you know it. In our area they arrive the latter half of spring with the peak being around the end of May lasting through early summer.

The peonies show their appreciation for the warming temperatures by giving us lovely and vivid shades from White to Blush to Salmon, Pink, and even dark Purple and Red.

There are about 40 mostly herbaceous species of peony and over 6,000 variations bred for fragrance, bloom size and type, layering and fullness of petals and more. The tight bud of a peony before it opens has always reminded me of a scoop of ice cream. Perhaps the most common variety in our shop is a pink salmon colored flower known as Coral Charm. After opening, Golden yellow stamens are revealed and the petals begin to fade to lighter pink and white.

Peonies are a versatile flower for arrangements. Perfectly at home with garden flowers, or more included with end premium arrangements.

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