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Orchids 101

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Ever wanted to know a little more about Orchids? Orchids are one of our shop’s plant offerings. Many people want to give orchids as gifts or experience them for themselves but are intimidated by the exotic nature and appearance. Good news! Orchids can be long lasting, are easy to care for, and appropriate for most environments. They can add a touch of elegance or splash of color, and can soften a space. For all of those reasons they make great house or office warming gifts.

Orchids are a diverse type of flowering plant that grow virtually all over the world. There are many thousands of varieties, but the most recognizable and commonly available orchid is the Phalaenopsis, or “Phal” sounds like “fail.” Phals come in many sizes, colors and potting configurations. They can stand alone, or be further enhanced when potted and decorated with accents such as branches, twigs, rocks or moss.

Orchids can be long lasting and easy to care for. Orchids come in a special potting medium that allow moisture and air to the orchid roots, and will allow them to absorb nutrients correctly. They prefer warmer temperatures, and bright, but indirect light. About 70 degrees near a slightly shaded or filtered east or south facing window is best.

Orchids need to be watered regularly, but prefer to dry out a bit between waterings. The orchid will not do well if it is over-watered. So watering as they approach dryness, every

7 - 10 days is best. To water an orchid, first check if it is drying out. If it’s ready to be watered, bring it near a sink, remove it from its pot, run water through the potting medium and allow to drain before returning to its pot.

Orchids will bloom about once a year. When it is finished blooming the flower will wilt or fall off. It may re-bloom in future years. If the stem turns brown, it should be pruned and may grow back. They should be re-potted with new potting medium about every 2-3 years. Contact us with your Orchid needs or questions or to place your order today

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