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6 Easy Valentine's Day Flower Tips from an Industry Insider

Shop Local. Order from a local shop by searching for something like "florist near me." Then, use the map to select one that has the hours and services that best fit your needs. Be sure there is a local address in your community. Many internet sites impersonate local florists. Ordering from one of these companies is sure to end in disappointment. Flowers arriving in a cardboard box. Flowers delayed in shipping. Messy, un-arranged flowers. Low flower-to-value ratios.

For example, nearly all of the top search results in Portland, Oregon are advertisements. However, if you click over to the map, you are much more likely to be working directly with a local flower shop.

Pictured at left:

Gifford's Flowers getting things ready early Valentine's Day morning.


Order Early. At least a week or preferably two weeks ahead of time. Flowers take time to grow and ship to your community. Once they're gone, they're gone. Or you're stuck with the less desirable varieties. Especially true if you are requesting specific colors or flowers.


Be Flexible About Delivery

Valentine's Day falls in February. Weather conditions can delay delivery or make leaving flowers outside in the cold risky. Consider having flowers delivered February 12th or 13th. Make sure you provide correct delivery instructions.

Pictured: Gifford's Flowers preparing to deliver in the snow.


Set Realistic Expectations. Your flowers should arrive fresh and beautiful and bring happiness. They are also perishable, like food. They should keep about as long as the leftovers. Flowers keep best cool and away from drafts. Just like everything else, from groceries, to gas, to rent, prices have gone up for florist supplies. Flowers are a market rate commodity. And you're paying for the florist's time and expertise to create a masterpiece.


It's the Thought.

Corny, but true. If it's within your budget, go ahead and splurge. Upsize those flowers. Add chocolates. But also, put your trust in your florist's care. Feel free to order a budget friendly special or designer's choice at the price point you're comfortable with. Pictured: Gifford's Flowers 2022 Valentine's Day Specials.


Lastly, In the unlikely scenario that there is a problem with your flowers, try to remain calm. Due to the volume and limitations of holiday deliveries, it may be difficult or impossible to fix your problem immediately. But let your florist know. and give them a chance to correct the mistake. If you've chosen a reputable business to work with, they will make it right.


If you found these tips and tricks useful, please consider shopping local with Gifford's Flowers, and following the blog.

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