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Who Ya Gonna Call For Your Holiday Decor?

Starting around October it seems like one endless stream of holidays after another, all the way through the new year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year's all offer opportunity and a reason to decorate. This is a time for enjoying the company of others, spending time with friends and family, and sharing your excitement and passions with others. Making the time and effort to decorate seasonally can convey to others that a holiday is special or has meaning to you. It can also establish or enhance the mood for social gatherings and also make great gifts. Holiday decorations and gifts available from your local florist are a great option for many reasons. You'll be spending more time indoors this time of year to appreciate them. They are low fuss, offer timely delivery to meet your schedule and will match current trends. Let's dig into a few specific strategies for bringing fun, practical elements into your space.

Fall themed arrangements or decor items can be used in Halloween parties, to decorate your porch for trick or treaters or just to showcase holiday spirit in your home or business. For thanksgiving no table is complete without a harvest themed centerpiece arrangement. Autumn boasts a fresh, cozy pallet of floral colors and textures. The good news is that many of fall's best blooms are longer lasting and work across multiple occasions. Orange, gold, red, purple and lavender tones are common throughout October and November and work great for both Halloween and Thanksgiving themes. Dried grasses, colorful leaves, berries, interesting gourds, and cozy, colorful mums make great elements to use in fun arrangements, and table decorations alike.

With weather turning colder and the holiday momentum increasing after Thanksgiving is a great time to shift to an evergreen theme. Garlands and wreaths decorating your porch, front door, and mantle or hearth are perfect to show your holiday spirit. Floral arrangements will often incorporate traditional colors like white, green and red, and be accented with aromatic branches of cedar, pine or fir. They look and smell beautiful. If you prefer, fun additions like pinecones, tree bark, or even sparkly ornaments can add a nostalgic touch. This style would be appropriate through December and into the new year. As with autumn flowers, many of these items are longer lasting. The same general themes of seasonal branches and touches may be appropriate for Kwanzaa and Hanukkah but including their respective color palettes (black, red and green for Kwanzaa and blue and white for Hanukkah).

When this time of year is spent enjoying time with family and friends you can't go wrong sprucing up your home or office or sending a seasonal themed gift to loved ones. Every environment will be more joyous with floral holiday themed decor. Whatever your style and vision, a local florist will have just the thing you need and answer any questions you have about floral decor. From the Going Floral and Gifford's Flowers family to yours, Season's Greetings!!!

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