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The Floral Arch - Centerpiece of the Ceremony

The Trend

Summer wedding season has us feeling some kinda way. We've been out delivering and creating almost every weekend all summer long. One of our favorite aspects to wedding florals are structural pieces like arches or sometimes bannisters, gazebos or almost any architectural element. Current and recent wedding bookings are almost always incorporating floral arch designs. We have created arch installation in a myriad of venues both indoor and out including a plant nursery, ballrooms, theaters, barns, a golf course, private residences and plenty of wineries. Floral arch and similar installations are extremely impactful on the overall look of a ceremony. All guest's eyes will be directed in that area prior to the ceremony and for longer than just about anything else in the venue. It will be the laser focus (in addition to the bride of course) once the bride and groom enter, and many of the most memorable photographs will take place with the arch in focus or as backdrop.

The Look

As of 2022 we are seeing some common themes have showing up. The most common look requested are lush, verdant greens, pastoral garden touches embellished with classic roses in whites, soft pinks, and pops of bold, romantic and dramatic burgundy accents. Floral arch pieces can present several different ways. For example, a wrap-around covering the arch all the way from side to side. Or alternatively be located on a specific spot or multiple spots on an arch. Arches themselves vary in shape and material which can influence the choice of florals. Styles of installation can vary quite a bit, from a draping garland or a similar hanging look to a fully designed piece with a look of its own from tight and composed to loose, airy and natural. While there are certain trends in place, there is no wrong answer. Almost any floral theme imaginable could be adapted for a ceremony arch, limited only by flower avalability.

The Design

There are a number of ways to set up a piece like this. The simplest is a pre-made garland, which is simply hung on the arch. Flowers can be added on-site as needed. Alternately, an arrangement can be made into a design block off site and hung or attached during the wedding setup window. As always, finishing touches can be conveniently added. Our preferred method to achieve the best and freshest results for the exact arch and venue is to design on-site. Not all venues and events are able to accommodate the time needed for full on-site design, but it can result in a superior finished product.

The Takeaway

These types of designs have been around for ages, evolving to fit the style and color trends of the day. We expect floral arch installs to continue unabated into 2023 and beyond, with minor adjustments to the most popular colors and flowers requested to fit personal style. If you or someone you know is planning a ceremony, be sure to talk to your florist and don't overlook this important aspect of wedding decor.

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