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Maximize Your Floral Dollar to Fight Inflation

By now there’s no need for to rehash how inflation is affecting everyone’s lives. You've seen it on the news or read about it online. And you’ve certainly felt it in your bank account.

Sadly, the floral industry is not immune. Climate and disaster related growing challenges, shipping costs and delays, and increasing labor costs are putting our industry in the same pinch as many others. Our goals through all of that remain to provide you, our customer with the highest quality, consistent, affordable products and services while being an ethical employer and member of the local community.

Here are a few tips and insights that may soften the blow and help you get the most when shopping for plants and flowers.

1. Order In-Season flowers. Allowing the designer to choose from the best currently available flowers will ensure you get the freshest, and prettiest arrangements and bouquets we can offer. They will often be locally grown, so your money stays in our community.

2. Sign up for a convenient weekly or monthly flower subscription. We waive delivery and vase charges, and we pick up and exchange your old vase. You don't even have to spend time or resources ordering or fighting traffic -- Leave that to us. We customize the size and style to your needs, and every bit of your budget goes toward flowers. We offer flexible delivery to your home or office. Call, Email or Contact the shop to set up your custom flower subscription.

3. Upsize your order. That one may sound counter intuitive, and obviously it won't apply to every budget. But as a general rule, larger arrangements mean more value goes toward flowers and less toward the vase or delivery charge.

4. You can also save by purchasing cut flowers. Flowers wrapped in paper versus arranged in a vase cost a bit less. When you take them home, you’ll still have to re-cut the stems and put them in a vase with fresh water.

5. Help flowers last longer or buy longer lasting items. Get your cut flowers into water as soon as possible. Keep flowers away from warm, dry drafts. Change out water and recut stems on your arrangements every couple of days to help them to stay fresh longer. Alternately, consider a live plant or garden. Plants may not be what you're looking for on every occasion but can often make great gifts. Options include green or blooming indoor plants, orchids, succulents, or even wreaths, hanging baskets, and outdoor planters with loads of color. Plants can be combined with stylish decorative pots or containers which can be reused again and again. Be sure to follow instructions provided on care tags with your flowers or plants.

Lastly, sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to our blog and follow Gifford's Flowers on social media for promotions and specials.

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