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All-About-Air Plants! (Tillandsia)

What are these amazing things? Well, without getting too technical, they’re little plants that grow without really being attached to the ground the way most plants we think of are. Instead, Air Plants can be attached to something like a tree branch, or a rock, or practically suspended in thin air, attached to almost nothing at all. They obtain their nutrients from the air itself. Hence the name.

Air Plants are a member of the bromeliads. They grow naturally in a variety of climates but generally require humid conditions to thrive. They are capable of flowering but may take months or years to do so.

Air Plants have become a popular choice for the home because of their low maintenance nature, and exotic appearance. In addition to good air circulation, and ample light, a simple daily spritzing, or weekly soaking is sufficient. They are often displayed in a terrarium, or artfully mounted to various objects.

Air Plants are available at the shop year round.

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